April 30, 2012

La Vie Boheme

As what I've said earlier, I'm going to post my recent Fashion Face Off with my eight year old cousin, Ari + I think now's the time to put it up. 

The theme for today's face off was Bohemian. Bohemian or Boho for short is a kind of fashion that is unconventional or going against mainstream kind of clothing. It also means conveying an attitude and style that describes a free-spirited, independent frame of mind. So what are we still waiting for? FACE OFF TIME! :)

Presenting my pretty cousin, Andreana Janine! But you can call her Ari :) xx

| Thrifted Polo | Floral Shirt | DIY Shorts | SM Dept. Store Black Boots | Beaded Necklace | Necklace used as headband |

~ My cousin poses like a pro. I'm ought to be ashamed of myself. ~

| Thrifted Denim Polo | Mom's Vintage Long Dress | Boots from Intricate Obsessions |

| Shell Necklace used as a headband | Lola's necklace as bracelet | Bracelets |

We actually looked like 70's Hippies. Peace yo!

So, what do you think guys? Is my outfit a thumbs up or a flop? HAHAHA I need your comment + suggestions on these things so feel free to write what you feel on the comment box below this post. And oh if you're thinking of boho outfits for this summer though I think it's quite late for that, just think about being free spirited + defying what's conventional. You can also go + look up on websites + google about inspirations on hippie fashion + the 70's era. I think it's quite time to say goodbye for the meantime. Hope you like what I've been putting on this one ;)

Fashion Advice.
If you have nothing to wear, don't hesitate rummaging over your lola + mother's closets + bauls. You never know what unique + vintage items you'd get there. Plus, everyone's going retro this days so you would definitely fit in. Just wear clothes that you're comfortable on or you would fidget all day cos you think you look crap. In other words, WAH POISE GIRL.

The Country Miss


I'm going to put up a post of how to dress like a hippie maybe tomorrow? That's if you like what I've been doing with unconventional-ism HAHAHA Feel free to comment dear readers ;) xx

Fashion Face Off

After a month long rest, I'm proud to say I'M BACK! Ha! I'm not going to elaborate the things that I've been up to cos I know it'll bore you a lot so what I think is that I'm going to go straight to the point. Anyways, I have a guest on my blog dear readers + her name's Ari(she's my 8 year old fashionista cousin). HAHAHA I'm not sure if you know her like I do but I'm 100% sure you're all going to love her. We're going to have like a 'Fashion Face off' for a week or so. Don't worry guys it's just a friendly competition not really a major type. 

If people are interested to collab with me just ask me on twitter or so + we'll make a way to make it happen. So readers, wait for it this evening kay? It would really be lovely if you're going to read it + feel free to comment ;)

Glad to be back :) xxxx

The Country Miss

April 3, 2012

A Quick One

This is going to be a quick post everyone. Sorry. So here it goes.

I'm very sorry if it would take me a long time just to update this blog and I also know, I don't have any excuses for it's summer already and so. You see, these past few days I'm not feeling really enthusiastic when my blog is mentioned. Although I'm willing myself not to be lazy and update this blog, I just can't. You know that feeling when out of nowhere you don't feel like doing anything? That's exactly what I'm feeling right now. But I promise  I'll make it up to you my dear readers. This problem of mine is just maybe a 'detour' of my Oh-So-Crazy life. You get what I mean, YES? HAHAHAHA. Anyways when I have a divine intervention about fashion, I'll go straight to this beloved blog of mine and I'll spoil you with lots of fashion advice and trends. 

All I need right now is just the right motivation to push me and make another post in this blog. I'm very 'maarte' I know but what I'm saying is true. So if you're bit interested in pushing me, feel free to beep me up, tweet me or PM me on fezzbook Loljokes. If you're serious though you can still do it :) I have things to do so I'll just leave you speculating HAHAHA okay so that wasn't a bit funny but..

Okay loves! Good bye and hope to see you soon. 

You know I love you right?

The Miss

Maybe I'm just PMSing.

March 24, 2012

Part of Me

Yep. It's been about 2 weeks or more since I've blogged but you can't blame a student right? But anyways I should have posted this sooner but I guess I was just so busy with school and all. So this post is dedicated to one of my best gal friends in the world, CHAZEN.

It was Chazen's birthday last March 16 and as usual we just hang out and do things we can't when we're not together which is 'Chika Chika'(if you don't know the meaning, go search it on google or something).

Chazen if you're reading this one, APOLOGIES. HAHAHA tis' just a quick one cause I'll be hibernating in the lowlands. LOL but I'll make up to you soon. Love you!

SO about the title, I'M A BIG FAN OF KATY PERRY and I thought I'd would be a good idea to share her new video. Hope you like it :) xx 

Ok guys time to go. Hope this post we'll keep you on your toes till the next one! Love y'all!

The Country Miss

To the people who constantly checks this blog, I'M VERY THANKFUL and many thanks to you. 

March 1, 2012

Laughter and Smiles

Oh LOOK! I'm back again :) Anyways let's get straight to the point. I'm here to blog about Janis (One of My Bestfriends) Surprise Birthday Party SLASH Siete's Reunion. I'll just post some pictures and a little description to let your imagination run a little wild.

What we did while waiting for the latecomers, CAMWHORING. HAHAHAHA lols :))

 | Chazen | Marc | Xanthe |

| Birthday Girl, JANIS | Me |

Isn't she lovely? This is Lyssia btw.

My face screams like NEVER MIND.

Marc + Lyssia = ? LOLLING :)

| Janis | Lyssia | Paw | Chazen | Xanthe | Marc |

Awww after a very long time, we're complete again. I love you mates! SIETE 

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L  ♥  L-A-D-I-E-S

Marc took the pictures above. Ain't he CREATIVE? Now that's what you call talent. 

Happy birthday Janis! :) We love you! From: Siete 

Attempting to surprise the birthday girl. Come on, you should give us an A for EFFORT!

FAIL but still...

Friends turned Enemies turned Friends again? Kidding :) Nice romper by the way Xants!

The only decent picture of me. Would post about my outfit maybe tomorrow so just watched out for it!

Ooopps. Sorry for flooding this post with pictures but you see I just love them and these pictures to bits. Memories taken in a photograph, LIVES FOREVER after all. Just indulge me with this little freedom once in awhile or I might go crazy. LOL kidding.

It took about a year for us 7 to hang out completely again so this event is like a reunion plus it's one of the member's birthday so it's a very win win situation. Looks like my friends and I haven't like laughed like that since our high school days so it was a relief that we can still laugh like there's no tomorrow. My head is aching and so I should be sleeping by now. I must bid you goodbye then. 


The Miss

Thank You Janis for sharing with us your special day!
Thank You Siete for making me laugh like no one's watching. We should do it again soon kay? 
I LOVE YOU ALL! Mwah Mwah x